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the scavenger hunt platform for events and brands

A scavenger hunt in your hand

what is forage

Forage is a game platform that let's you create a scavenger hunt that people can play from their smartphone. You create the challenges while players compete to complete them earning points, badges, and prizes along the way.

Forage on a mobile device is beautiful

complete control


Customize Forage to look like your brand
Customize Branding

Integrate your event and brand colors into Forage for a seamless experience.

Custom challenges
Customize Challenges

Let's create the best challenges for your event. We can help.

Forage admin moderation
Full Admin Moderation

Incorrect submission? User conflict? Handle everything from the admin area.

Custom Domain handleing
Customize Domain

Pick a domain name that works for you and your event.

forage does mobile

There is nothing for people to download, Forage works on iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerry, and Windows as well as laptops and desktops.

Forage Does Mobile
For is Social

forage is social

We reward players for sharing their completed challenges on Facebook. They get points and bragging rights, you get increased social visibility.

Let's Talk

Forage is the best scavenger hunt platform for events and business, schedule a demo, get more information or just say hi.

A casestudy

Forage performed 10x better for our client than Instagram see for yourself.

Forage + Modcloth

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